Politique de l’entreprise

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy is the result of IMT Management choices that aims to give targets for:
     • Customer orientation,
     • Leadership,
     • Involvement of staff,
     • Process approach,
     • Continuous improvement,
     • Decisions based on facts,
     • Mutual benefits with suppliers

So it is confirmed that the success of the organization depends on a continuous monitoring of the implementation and maintenance of quality management system that tends to continuous improvement.

The Quality Policy is a very important concept for modern and professional integration of quality within our organization.
An authentic and really useful Quality Policy must be able to create an awareness that will really influence people's actions.

Environmental Policy

IMT Intermato SPA considers the protection of the environment
an opportunity and a challenge essential for the production system.

The sustainability and the protection of safety in the workplace are experienced not only as a commitment, but also as a strategic element to be taken in the daily management of their activities.

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